By Pastor Pat Giraldin |  December 7, 2017

I don’t want to speak for anyone else, but when the holidays are upon us and things get ever increasingly busy, I can find myself feeling disconnected, you know what I mean? I just get pulled in so many different directions, I forget what I am supposed to be connected to.
Being connected is a good thing, and it can provide a sense of security. This is because we desire connection, and we feel better when we are rightly connected. Feeling disconnected can create feelings of being alone or lost. We most often connect with people, places, and things. The key to staying rightly connected is to keep our connections in the right order. If we connect too heavily to a place or a thing, we can lose connection with people, and people are our greatest source of right connection.
There is the person of Jesus, who, if we allow, will make our connections right. Connecting to Jesus us points us to the right connections we need to make to stay rightly connected. This season, as you are pulled in hundreds of different directions to make hundreds of different connections...start by connecting with Jesus first. Once connected to Jesus, everything else will fall into place...Get it?!

In His grip,
Pastor Pat