By Pastor Pat |  August 23, 2018

  I talk to a lot of people, and one question I like to ask someone is whether or not they pray. Almost always I am met with some flavor of a response asking me what I mean. What I mean, is do you pray? What is prayer for? Why do you pray? Is it for gratitude? Provision/Need? Over time we seem to develop the habit of turning to God when all else has failed. Prayer has become the “Hail-Mary”, last chance, might as well give it a shot, thing that we do when nothing else has worked. I am sure this is not what prayer was supposed to be.

    Without making this a three-point sermon on the exegesis of Matthew 9 “The Lord’s Prayer”, prayer is not that complicated. Prayer is also not the last place we should turn, it’s supposed to be the first. Prayer is the vehicle that connects us to God. It is the extension card that plugs us into Him. The power from an outlet is waiting on a cord to attach to it so as to access the power. The power of God is also waiting for us to plug into it to get access. Prayer is what connects us, and without it, well, we are just disconnected from the single greatest power source in the universe. What are you waiting for to plug in? And BTW - the more “plugged” in you are, the less of your own personal battery you will have to drain...

Get it?!

In His Grip,