Easter Offer

By Pastor Pat Giraldin |  March 28, 2018

We know historically that Jesus entered Jerusalem this last Sunday A.D. 33, atop a donkey, with people throwing palm branches and their cloaks over the dirt road, and hailing Him as the King of Israel. Then on Monday, He crashes (literally) the temple court money exchange and accuses the temple of no longer being a house of prayer, but a den of thieves.
His followers were aware of the corruption, and probably enjoyed Jesus’ actions, but not the religious leaders. From this moment on, the leaders had to do something to stop him. On Tuesday, they tried to debate Him publicly with questions, all which were impossible to answer without condemning Himself, and yet that is exactly what He did. Their fury was peaked, and they needed a way to silence this man before things got out of control and destroyed their way of life. And it had to be done in stealth, and so that is why they needed Judas.
The same is true today. Jesus wants to come into our lives, and destroy our old ways of self-first. He wants to do this because what He has to offer is far better than we can even understand. Unfortunately most see His offer as an attempt to take away what we have and love . We want what we want, and we work hard to get it. Problem is that we focus more on what we have than what Jesus has to offer. Simply put: what we have can’t and won’t last, and what Jesus offers will.
So when we look at Jesus as the Jewish leaders in 33 A.D. did, then all we can see is how He might take away what we think is right for us. But, when we look to Jesus for who He is, what we know He did, then we can take Him at His word. Only when we do this can we see what He has to offer...
Get it?! 

In His grip,
Pastor Pat