By Pastor Pat Giraldin |  February 7, 2018

Let’s be real. We all have things in our lives that we would like to see changed. Maybe some are bigger than others. No matter what the size, if there are things we need to change, we will have to start with changing the way we think. All too often it is our “mind-set” that is the problem. We set our minds on the how, what, where, or when it should change, and that is it.
Consider this - if the way you think created the problem or circumstance you are in, then using your thinking to solve it seems to be kinda silly, right? Changing anything before we change our thinking is down right ignorant. How do we accomplish this? Not by trying to change what we are thinking about, like that is a thing we can do, because if it was possible, you would have already done it. We need to change what we are focusing on.
We are most focused about ourselves. After all, it is our life and our problems, and no one cares as much as we do about us. No one else on this planet is supposed to be either, and most actually do not really care - after all do you? Just being real.
Changing a mind-set means changing a mind that is set. Set means what you are focused on. Changing your thinking can only be done by changing your focus. So what should we set our minds on?
“Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” Col.3:2
So what are you set on? Ask it. Answer it. Get it right. Get it?!

In His grip,
Pastor Pat