By Pastor Pat Giraldin |  June 29, 2018

Quitting often times has bad connotations associated with it, like quitting is a bad thing. But not all quitting is bad, right? For example, quitting smoking is a very good thing. So I want to suggest that when it comes to your faith, some things, habits, and even practices need to be quit. 

With one’s faith, there are things one can do that exercise it. There are personal faith disciplines like prayer, bible study, devotionals, etc. These disciplines help individuals personally connect and relate to their faith. There are also public disciplines such as ministering to the underprivileged, prayer meetings, bible studies, and attending church. These disciplines support and encourage one another, and build the collective whole. But church seems to be looked at as a self-help informational opportunity that is optional, only to be attended if you feel like you need it. 

Jesus established the church, and in Scripture it is even referred to as His bride. Scripture describes the church not as a place, but rather as a body of believers joined together with one purpose and one cause: and that is the cause of Christ. But I am not sure that the church today looks like Jesus would like it. How we see Jesus affects how we see church, and how we exercise our faith. Jesus then needs to be our focus, and His cause our purpose. So if Jesus saw the church as His extension into a broken world that would reach others with His message of hope, then how should we see it? Church isn’t supposed to be for you, it’s supposed to be you. Maybe it’s time to quit doing church, and start being it. That is the kind of quitter I want to be. Get it?!

In His grip,

Pastor Pat