By Pastor Pat Giraldin |  January 11, 2018

What happens when trouble strikes? Whether it’s like the storm we are having here in California, an unforeseeable incident, or consequences from a decision, whatever the cause, what is your response? There are lots of possible responses, but I believe most responses fall into one of two categories: Panic or prayer.
Most people fall in between somewhere - they may start to panic and try a lot of things, and then turn to prayer as a last resort. Very few people look a trouble and start with “WOW, this looks bad, I need to start praying.” Why is this? Why is God our last resort? Funny, but for most people prayer is the “Hail Mary” pass to God...just hoping there is the right bounce or somehow it gets caught by God and you win.
The problem with perspective is optics: the filter by which we see the trouble. Optics in a laser are what refracts the light and focuses the beam concentrating the light and making it powerful. When it comes to our perspectives, we have a choice of optics to use: One is our optics based on our knowledge, our experiences, and our strengths. The other is God’s optics: His word that focuses our faith, refracting it and making it powerful.

You see, panic happens when we look at the trouble through the perspective of what can we do about it, and prayer happens when we look at the trouble through the perspective of what God can do with it. One looks impossible, the other looks promising. It’s a world of difference...get it?!

In His grip, 
Pastor Pat