Meet the Team

Pastor Pat

Lead Pastor

Pastor Pat is the founding and Lead Pastor of Hope Crossing Community Church in Mission Viejo, California. He is a different kind of “church guy, “ and is a student of life whose collective experiences have led him into …

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Office Phone: 949-382-5682.

Marty Carver

Associate Pastor

Marty is our go-to guy, who answered his calling into ministry in a very unique way – ask him his story sometime. He leads our High School Ministry NEXT, and is part of our teaching team. We are blessed to have Marty serving along..

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Office Phone: 949-382-5682

Ellis Pitman

Executive Pastor

Ellis is an asset beyond measure to the Hope Crossing Community Church pastoral staff. Ellis has been a personal mentor and friend to me for years, and I can’t truly express how excited I am to have him join us here on staff. He not only …

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Cell Phone: 949-382-5682